World Wildlife Day. Can you imagine a #WorldWithoutNature ?


March the 3rd 2022 is World Wildlife Day and the WWF are asking brands throughout the world to help raise awareness and remove all nature from their brand logos.

A world without nature is not worth thinking about. We are nature. We all depend on nature. So let’s imagine a world where people and planet flourish in harmony with nature.

Here I would love to celebrate nature with you and share some images over the past few years of the insects, birds, bees and creatures as well as the natural beauty of nature I have encountered through my every day walks, life and work. I hope you enjoy them.

Please join in and celebrate nature on World Wildlife Day by sharing your photos of natures beauty and using the hashtags #WorldWildlifeDay, #findyourselfinnature and #rewildtheframe .

Together we can choose to care for our planet, reframe the story with nature and celebrate our beautiful planet and beautiful natural selves.

We are curating a healthier, happier world for people and planet together.

Now let’s get outside, connect, create, share and inspire.


If you would like to learn more about World Wildlife Day and get involved with the WWF, please follow the link here.

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