Why should you book a family photography session today?


Family time is precious. We all work to provide for our families. We want the best for our families and we all create fun family moments to connect and enjoy time together………but are you savouring those moments?

When you book a family photography session, you are saying yes to beautiful family photos captured for you, to include you and delivered to you, for you to cherish for a lifetime.

But why do we hesitate to invest in our family memories?

Here are my top reasons why you should prioritise family photography.


Time moves quickly. The children grow up so fast and sometimes we don’t even notice the changes. It is only when we look at a photo from a year earlier that you can notice the little changes to the shape of your daughter or sons face and you can see how much they have grown and matured.

These moments are precious. One day, you will want to look back at these times and remember all the little details of raising your children.

Looking back through family photos is one of my favourite things to do. The feeling is wonderful and my heart is filed with such pride, happiness and contentment of how these four little babies have grown into the young boys I now spend each day with. I cannot imagine the feelings that are to come when my children begin to fly the nest but I will savour these memories and keep them close to my heart.


So why should you book your family photography session and capture your children’s childhood?

  • Do it for you.

    As mums we are reluctant to put ourselves first and our needs, wants and desires. I say, do it for you.

    If you want to have memories of your children for you to enjoy looking through over the years and to share with your grandchildren one day, book the photo session.

    We love to watch our children, we take great pride when they say their first word, they take their first steps and we watch with tears in our eyes as they head off into their classroom on the very first day of school.

    We cuddle them, teach them to read, to tie their shoelaces, wipe their faces (and bums) and clean up their cuts and bruises.

    We love them with all our hearts.

    Why would you not book the photo session?

    The moments captured are yours forever, to cherish, to savour and to enjoy and share. These moments are precious. You won’t regret the decision.


  • Do it for the children.

    Do you snap a quick photo on your phone of your children when they’re doing something funny? And do you find that they are quick to ask to see the photo?

    Your children see how much joy that moment gives you and they want to be part of that. They love you and they want to see the photo to connect with you.

    Now imagine receiving your photos from your family photography session and sharing these moments with your children.

    Can you see the smiles on your children faces?

    Can you feel the connection between your family as you look through the photos and reminisce over your fun family photography experience together?

    Your children will recall how fun it was to run through the fields, to climb the big oak tree in the woods and to play hide and seek with mummy and daddy in the long grass.

    Children have the most amazing imaginations and all they want to do is play and enjoy the moment with you.

    These moments caught on camera are your real life memories. They boost your wellbeing, they create a strong family bond and they boost the happiness of your children too.

    The wellbeing effect is even stronger if you choose to frame your photos and have them displayed in the home. Your photos will bring you and your family joy every single day. It’s worth the investment.


  • Do it for daddy

    We all know that dad’s aren’t that keen on a family photo session.

    Is it because they feel unnatural? I think it probably is.

    However they always love the photos and they love seeing the joy that the photos bring you and your children. So I say, book the photo session.

    The outcome is worth it and you know that.


  • Do it for the grandparents.

    All grandparents love to see photos of their grandchildren but not unsurprisingly they also love to have a photo of you.

    You are their child after all and I think as we get older and have children we can sometimes forget that our parents would also like to receive a photo of us.

    Photos are emotive. They create a feeling of happiness. They create a bond and they show people that you love and care about them.

    So capture your family moments not only for you, your children and partner but for your parents and loved ones too.


To round up, book your photo session because you want to share your family love, connection and memories with one another.

Book the family Photo session because you cherish your family and you know how quickly time goes by.

Book the family photo session because you want to create and savour these family memories for a lifetime and you want to look back and recall all the fun, love and adventures you shared.

I offer natural family photography sessions out amongst nature for the fun loving family. I capture authentic real life moments, characters and playful memories. This is not just a family photo session, but is a fun, loving, family experience designed for you to connect, play and spend quality time together.

Time is precious, I get that and I am happy to work with you to find a time convenient for your family photo session. All you have to do, is prioritise your family time.

I offer family nature sessions throughout Bristol, Bath and the South West and I am happy to travel further afield.

Family photography sessions start from £395.00.

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