What is a certified B Corporation?

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So what is a B Corp?

A certified B Corporation is a purpose driven business committed to creating positive change for people and planet. The business has been certified by B Corp (a purpose driven initiative) and recognised as a business dedicated to making a positive impact, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact and working as a force for good.


What makes a B Corp unique?

Each business that works towards B Corp certification undergoes a thorough verification process (the BIA – B Impact assessment) to ensure all aspects of the business are looked at and analysed. This can be a long and invasive process and it takes commitment and dedication from the founder and the whole business team.

Once all areas have been assessed the business then receives a score which is a combination of points that the business has received in each “impact” area. These “Impact areas” include – “Governance, Community, Environment and Customers”.

Once certified the business is then re-certified every three years to ensure the business continuously works to create a positive impact. Each business will provide an annual impact report to showcase where and how they are looking to increase their score on the BIA and ultimately ensure that their business is working in alignment with people and planet and creating positive societal and economic change.


A B certified business will be purpose driven and centre around a vision for creating a better world for people and planet.

This could be either through the product they produce and sell or through a service they provide, a purpose they champion or through community action and / or charitable links. Many B Corps will give back to people and planet in more ways than one and champion a movement that creates a positive impact for society. 

When becoming a certified B Corp the business must go through a thorough and complex verification process which looks at the whole business from the supply chain, manufacturing process, sourcing materials to employee wellbeing, customer experience, finance and the ongoing positive impact that the product and service provides. The business is required to consider the impact of the business on all of its stakeholders including the planet.


How can you identify a B Corp? 

Look for the B Corp logo. You can find this on packaging, websites, social media and print etc. If the business is a certified B Corp then they will undoubtedly be proudly shouting about it.

B Corps are proud to be championing a better way of doing business and creating social change. You can join the B Corp movement simply by looking for the logo and choosing to spend your money and support a business that is creating positive change. 

B certified corporations are becoming more and more popular with more businesses looking to achieve certification over the past 12 months. Retailers are also joining the movement and showcasing the B Corp brands in their stores and online. Since 2019, Waitrose have been championing B Corp goods online and for B Corp month (March 2022), Waitrose will be featuring B Corp products in select stores along with W H Smith and Holland and Barratt.


Why is supporting the B Corp movement so important? 

It is important for you to feel reassured that you are buying or investing in a product or service that is kind to the planet and always working to the highest standards of social and environmental impact. 

In a 2020 poll, it was found that 72% of people believe that business should have a legal responsibilty to the planet and people, alongside maximising profits. Source: B Lab UK.

Our world has been bombarded and overwhelmed with businesses only interested in making money for themselves, greenwashing and giving little care for the impact they are having on people and planet.

It is time for change.

It is time for the people to take the power back, choose to invest in businesses that care and trust that when they are supporting a B certified corporation they are creating a positive difference with their money for other people and for their planet. 


What if a B certified corporation makes a mistake? 

As new and old businesses emerge, evolve and certify as B Corps we are seeing the spotlight shone brightly on them. Over the past year, the attention has been on Brewdog and more recently Innocent drinks.

In this world, we have to accept that people and businesses all make mistakes. We are all human. It is how we take responsibly and respond to the mistake that matter.

As certified B Corporations, honesty and transparency is vital to every business. It is important to note that B Corporations are held accountable. Therefore if there is a concern or complaint, B Corp are always there to investigate, ask questions of the business and advise where necessary.


Examples of B Corps leading the way are as follows:  


The Beeswax Wrap Company

Green and Blue

Jaya Beauty


What other certifications are there to help you ? 

B Corp isn’t the only logo you can look for when choosing to shop more consciously and ethically for our world. The other key logos to look out for are:

    • Organic (by the Soil Association)
    • Vegan (by the Vegan Society)
    • Fairtrade (by the Fairtrade Foundation)
    • Cruelty Free (by Cruelty Free International)

You can find out more information from “The Ethical Consumer”


Rewild the Frame is proud to be a certifed B Corporation.

Through natural photography experiences we are committed to inspire people to reconnect with nature for their health and wellbeing and the health and wellbeing of our planet.

We are dedicated to creating a positive impact for people and planet.

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