Telling stories through the seasons – natural brand photography for sustainable business growth

There has been a 71% rise in popularity of searches for sustainable goods over the past five years, with continuing growth, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been referred to as the “eco-awakening” – consumers are changing their behaviour and seeking out services and products that are supporting or creating a positive impact for our planet.

Sharing the stories within your business has never been so important.

Consumers are demanding transparency and honesty.

Consumers are looking to invest in businesses that are doing good for people and planet.

So, Where do you stand? What stories within your business need sharing?

Here we examine how investing in your brand photography throughout the year can increase trust within your community, empower positive change and create sustainable growth for your business.

The seasonal approach to brand photography was developed from a need for clients wanting to stay continuously connected with their audience. Clients wanted to build an engaged community and support their community with inspiring, informative and unique photography and content.

But it has developed. With consumers now wanting to know the ins and outs of the business they are buying from, it is even more important to invest in your brand imagery and share the stories within your business.

The seasonal approach focusses on capturing the full picture of your business and captures the evolving stories throughout the year over four bespoke brand photography sessions. It is a collaborative approach and supports sustainable success for your ethical business.

But what content does the consumer want to see? What content will connect and engage positive action for people and planet?

The answer – a variety of human centred, emotive, real life stories that your community can relate to.

Brand imagery is evolving. We are going back to basics, we are re-wilding the image, returning to human nature, our natural selves and re-framing the message to the consumer.

We are sharing our love and devotion to our planet and the positive changes we want to create for everyone to benefit.


You have the power to showcase all areas of your business over four bespoke brand photography sessions.

Here’s a selection of examples as to how you can build an engaged community through creative photography.

1 – Share the human – nature connection within your business.

Consumers are now fully aware of the threat of the loss of nature to our planet and one way you can inspire them to care and look after our world is through showcasing your businesses human relationships with nature. We are nature after all and our true self is reflected with ease when we are at one with ourselves amongst nature.

This is all about the experience. Let’s explore this relationship and showcase your innate connection, the beauty of your business and the beauty of everyday nature.

2 – Showcase the experience of your product or service through creative photography.

If you want to engage the consumer you need to thinking bigger than just an image of your product or headshots with a nature based background. There is little connection created here.

Let’s talk experience. How does your product or service make the consumer feel? What does your business stand for? What lifestyle change are you creating? What positive impact are you empowering?

The experience is key.

When you invest in your business and commit to the seasonal approach to brand photography we explore these stories and capture the whole experience for your audience.


3 – Let’s explore wellbeing through natural photography

Sharing the ins and outs of your business involves sharing the human side of your business and that is the people behind the business. When you share your human stories, your community can relate to you and your business and this increases trust and brand loyalty.

In a world which has previously focussed on perfect (or a fully edited) image, join me to re-frame your story and share the truth, be vulnerable and choose to empower and connect with your community through transparent and honest brand photography.

It’s those who offer other people an honest invitation to see into their lives, warts and all, who will make the best relationships and be the best leaders
— Paul Hargreaves – The Fourth Bottom Line

4 – Focus on employee wellbeing in your natural photography

Look after your business and invest in your team. Every person within your team offers a unique, refreshing perspective to your business. Businesses doing good know that they need their employees on top form and that means ensuring they are looked after and cared for.

Share the stories of how you embrace inclusivity, staff wellbeing, creativity and individuality. Share the down time and team wellbeing activities that you share.

A simple walk in nature could boost team morale and productivity, make this a weekly activity for your business and showcase the event through creative natural photography.


5 – What about your supply chain and business processes? How can you capture this in your business photography?

An area which is easily overlooked but in today’s age where the consumer is looking for transparency, this is extremely important. You have the power to embrace this and showcase the whole picture.

How does your team work together? What processes do you use to create the product? Where do you source your product from? What is the ethos of your business?

These stories need to be told. Your community is looking to invest and they want to know that they are making the right choice. Be the business that makes it easy for the consumer with an open and honest approach and share the full picture.


As the world begins to wake up and the consumer begins to question their buying choices, can your brand afford not to be transparent?

Your brand photography is an easy way to engage with your audience and build a long term sustainable relationship.

Be the business that steps up and wants to help the consumer. Be the business at the forefront of your industry that puts the consumers needs first and chooses to empower their buying decisions.

If you’d like to talk over the seasonal approach and how this can work for your ethical business, book in a call or get in touch below. I would love to discover and hear about the stories within your business.

Claire Victoria is a natural light photographer and writer inspired by nature and living in South Gloucestershire with her four young boys, husband and two dogs. Her mission is to inspire others to connect with nature and live more sustainably for a healthier, happier world for people and planet. She works with businesses and families and celebrates all things natural, capturing beautiful, organic moments on camera. You can find out more here or join the mailing list below.

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