Spring has sprung – join me to put nature at the heart of your family


Spring has arrived and it is time for us all to get outside and embrace the natural world.

Nature is key to our wellbeing and if we all learn to stop, look, take a deep breathe and appreciate the natural world around us, we will all benefit.

It’s been a slow start to the year for many of us. January came and the world seemed to slow and take refuge and hibernate from the intensity of the previous year.

Only now people are beginning to come out and embrace the world again.

My business continues to evolve and it is quite apparent that nature, wellbeing and connection continue to stay constant within my photography.


Last week I launched Connect and Create – a new project designed to bring people together to walk, talk, get creative and connect through nature based photography.

Over the past two months I have been piloting nature photography walks at Kingsweston estate in Bristol and the feedback from attendees has been wonderful with all people rating the experience as having a significant effect on their health and wellbeing in that given moment and in the hours afterwards. 

I believe that this is so powerful and beneficial to all and I am looking to spread the word and work with schools, communities and charities to help other people feel these benefits too.

You can read all about the current project via the link below.

My vision is to build a community where people can come together, appreciate nature and boost their wellbeing by getting creative, being outdoors, and socialising with others.

I am currently crowdfunding for support to help launch this project throughout Bristol.

The aim is to raise awareness of the benefits of nature, photography, creativity and connection for health and wellbeing.

If you’d like to get involved you can donate, spread the word via social media or select yourself a reward for your donation. Any help to get this project off the ground is really appreciated.

If you have a business that is interested in sponsoring the project too please get in touch


I continue to work with families and bring a little bit of creativity and nature connection into each family photography experience.

Family wellbeing is really important to me. I believe that it is really beneficial for all families to get outside, run wild and have fun.

During a nature photography experience I love to encourage the family to play games and be silly. This helps everyone to relax (especially dad) and it helps everyone to switch off and be present with their loved ones.

Life is busy, I know that, which is why it is even more important to embrace the creative side of free play outdoors with the kids and make memories.

These memories are yours for a lifetime.

I offer you ideas for games and creative nature fun with the kids and you can embrace the freedom of being outside.

The beauty of this style of photo experience is that you and the children will hardly notice me capturing these magical moments for you but you will experience the joy of nature and the excitement of receiving your family photos afterwards.

You can book your spring family nature experience for the 28th March in Bristol or get in touch if you’d like to talk over dates to book your family session in the calendar. 


I love to work to inspire people and families to live in alignment in nature and I love to share my work and passion.

Throughout the year I am hosting nature photography events to do just this. So, if you fancy some time out for you from your busy schedule or if you’d like to get the kids outdoors too, take a look at the below and get in touch to book your space.

Through nature based photography, we learn to take time time out, embrace our creativity and individuality and slow down whilst inspiring others and our children to look after and care for the world that we live in.

Join the movement and live in alignment with nature for your health and wellbeing.


March 19th – Connect and Create nature photography walk and Kokedama workshop at Kingsweston estate. 10am – 12.30pm . £30.00 to include all materials, hot drink and cake. BOOK HERE or get in touch

March 24th – Connect and Create monthly nature photo walk at Kingsweston estate. 10am start. A 60 minute photo walk followed by a hot drink in the cafe. £15.00 BOOK HERE

March 28th – Spring nature photography experience for families within Bristol. 60 minute session, 30 images. £250.00 . BOOK HERE

April 5th – Mummy and mini me “Connect and create” photo walk – 2pm at Kingsweston estate. £25.00. For more info and to claim your ticket, please select this as a reward on the crowdfunding page HERE

April 29th – Connect and Create monthly nature photo walk at Kingsweston estate. 10am start. A 60 minute photo walk followed by a hot drink in the cafe. £15.00 BOOK HERE

For more info on any of the above or to take a look at events for the summer and autumn please visit the website. 


Whether you live in the country or the city, nature is all around us.

When we slow down and take a moment to look close at our environment we take notice of the little details, we take notice of the beauty of the everyday and we take notice of how we each feel in that given moment by opening up our senses to the experience.

By teaching our children to do this we are sharing a vital life skill to help each person take time out and appreciate the little details of nature and of life. It is these little details, this practice of gratitude and appreciation that allows each person to become grounded in the present moment and to live in alignment with nature.

It is through this practice that our children learn to connect with nature for their own health and to become aware of their senses, their thoughts, feelings and a way of feeling centred and at ease so that they can use this skill in moments when they need to throughout their lives.

I believe that when you put nature at the centre of the family, everyone benefits.

This is a way a life. This is a way to encourage our children to be creative, to explore and to be true to themselves. This is a way for you to take time out. This is a way to build long lasting and loving connections throughout your family. This is a way to educate our children and ourselves to take notice and care for the world that we live in.

I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to email me and get in touch and subscribe to the mailing list below.

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Thank you for all your support.

Please share and support this project to bring nature based photography to more people or get in touch to book your nature photography experience for the family.

All images within this email are available to purchase via the crowdfunding page. 

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