Showcasing the human side of your team and business – “I want to capture each individual’s personality”

When I first heard these words on a voicemail, my heart sang. These were the words from a client that I wanted to work with. A client who had been recommended my services and absolutely understood what they wanted to achieve from their brand photography.


Darren Evans wanted a photographer who could capture each member of his team uniquely, creatively and naturally.

As a business focussed on making a positive impact within the construction industry and encouraging others to create a more sustainable built environment, it was important that the images connected with their ideal client and Darren was very clear that he believed that there is more to a person than just a headshot. Darren wanted personality. He wanted his team to feel valued and recognised as individuals and to have each persons passion and unique character shine through. This was the project and I was over the moon to be the photographer chosen to take on the challenge.


This was no ordinary brand photography project though.

This was a re-brand taking place during a pandemic and therefore precautions had to be in place. Over two days I travelled throughout Bristol, Bath, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and Devon to each of the team members homes to capture their personal and bespoke images. With social distancing measures in place, all photos were carried out outdoors amongst nature and each team member had identified a local park, walk or favourite green space to spend some time in with myself and the camera. It was a great two days, meeting some wonderful people and their pets and capturing some awesome, stand out images for Darren Evans.


Each team member was keen to get involved and after some reassuring words and a little bit of light conversation they felt happy and relaxed in front of the camera.

Darren Evan’s team were brilliant to work with. All of them embraced the opportunity of having their photo taken and when I mentioned that the dog could be in the photos too, they jumped at the opportunity. Behind every successful business there are people who feel valued, heard and important and this team truly felt inspired by the company that they work for and most importantly seen by their employer. Over the two days of visiting each team member we captured bright, beautiful and down to earth, sophisticated imagery for the business rebrand and even more importantly the true essence of the characters of the team at Darren Evans.

You can find out more about this fantastic company here or take a look at a collection of images from the full brand photography session below. And if you’d like to talk over how I can help your business connect through a bespoke brand photography session. Get in touch via the form at the bottom of this article or give me a call.

Why choose a natural approach to your brand and business photography?

The beauty of opting for a natural approach to your brand photography is the colour and naturally engaging and eye catching imagery that is created. Your imagery is sophisticated, creative, bright and beautiful (is that song now in your head?). These images tell your story. They offer an insight into the person behind the brand and business. Your images connect you to your client on a more personal level. Remember an image is worth a thousand words. Brand photography is an asset to your business to breathe life, personality and authenticity into your brand. A natural approach is a relaxed way to capture you at ease, feeling grounded, comfortable and confident. That’s when the magic happens. That’s when I want to capture you being you. Want to know more? Fill in the form below and let’s talk.


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