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Reframing money stories and empowering others – meet Joanna Coull from Green Investing Ltd.

  • It’s time to reframe the finance industry and embrace impact investing.

  • Can we invest ethically, regenerate our planet and make a profit?

  • Joanna Coull is the expert you need to speak to.


Meet Joanna Coull, a financial planner championing sustainable and impact investing.

Joanna contacted Claire Victoria Photography to capture some imagery for the new business, Green Investing Ltd. She was looking for some photography that would reflect who she was and showcase the passion for nature and our world that drives the purpose behind her business – to help others create a positive change through impactful, responsible and sustainable investment.


Joanna has a passion to educate and inspire others to invest in projects and businesses that truly create positive change. It is her mission to help others invest in a way that can really make a difference for people and planet. 

In late 2019, Joanna shares that she woke up to the climate change crisis and on reflection her whole belief system of the financial industry was challenged. She almost walked away from her finance career of thirty years but after a conversation with a good friend and as a specialist in her field, she realised she had the desire and opportunity to create a real positive change.

“The power of money is really derived from the intention we give it and the integrity with which we direct in to the world”

The Soul of money – Lynne Twist

Joanna’s passion for finance and dedication to our planet inspired her to start her own business. She is dedicated to reframe the finance industry and help create a positive impact by for people and planet.

Joanna is not only dedicated in business though. This is a lifestyle choice. Joanna has designed her life to incorporate everything she loves and she takes careful consideration of the products she brings in to her home and uses in her everyday life. From the coffee she drinks, to the furniture she invests in, every item is considered before being purchased. This underlying mindset of considering the impact of any purchase is vital to creating a sustainable lifestyle that not only supports Joanna’s health and wellbeing but also supports creating a healthier world for people and planet too.


Why is it so important to create change in the finance industry?

Joanna states “if you consider the statistics, we as investors have potentially more power at our fingertips than often inert governments”. 

Having the knowledge to invest wisely and responsibly can help create a huge positive impact for people and planet. Joanna hopes that in time it will be the norm for people to choose investments that are aligned with their passion and values where people can see the positive impact their investment is making.

“You feel vibrant and alive when you use your money in a way that represents you, not just as a response to the market economy but also as an expression of who you are”

— The Soul of Money – Lynne Twist

How do you create positive change in the finance industry?

Joanna is keen to make financial investment advice accessible to all. She plans to launch an inclusive educational platform to help educate and empower others to invest their money wisely and sustainably. Joanna believes it is really important to help everyone have access to this information regardless of their investment pot. She believes anyone can help create a positive impact through investing their savings and pensions responsibly.

It is Joanna’s mission to help clients use their investments to make real change in the world.


Joanna founded Green Investing Ltd to empower and educate others to understand the implications of their investments and create positive change. 

Throughout Joanna’s photography session we talked over the impact that Joanna feels inspired to create for our world. Joanna is extremely passionate about her mission and business and nature is central to her beliefs.

Within Joanna’s photos it was important to capture the work / life balance that Joanna has designed for herself but also believes is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Nature is an inspiration to Joanna and being able to immerse herself in the natural world around her is extremely important to her health and wellbeing.


Joanna ensures that she takes a walk every day with her two loyal dogs. She spends time in the garden cultivating her own produce and attracting a wide variety of birds, bees and butterflies to the flowers and wildlife pond.

These stories of sustainable living are important to share with her clients.

Within an industry that is eager to promote a fast paced lifestyle and over consumption, these key messages of embracing a slower pace and engaging with nature are vital to inspire a healthier, happier way of being.

A slower, more considered approach leads to a more conscious existence where you are able to really consider how you are living your life and where you are choosing to invest your funds, from everyday products, to longer term investments.


“The best financial adviser is really someone who can inspire a client to invest money in ways that contribute to the most meaningful and fulfilling life”

— The Soul of money. Lynne Twist

As a business owner inspired by nature, Joanna has a constant pull to connect with the natural world and she enjoys walking the fields around her, noticing the seasonal changes and enjoying the seasonal produce that nature has to offer.

When a business is fully aligned to a person’s values it will absolutely flourish.

If you are looking for financial assistance or advice and interested in learning more about Green Investing Ltd, Joanna would absolutely love to hear from you and share her passion and knowledge. Click here to send her an email.

The new Green Investing Ltd website will be launched very soon with all of Joanna’s beautiful photographs along with tips, tricks and insights as to how you can invest your money responsibly and sustainably.


I hope you have enjoyed learning about Joanna’s business, Green Investing Ltd.

My speciality is helping you showcase the human side of your business and embracing all things natural to help boost your positive impact and build an engaged, happy and healthy community.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you share your sustainability story and inspire others to create a positive impact, please get in touch via the button below.

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Claire Victoria is a natural light photographer and writer inspired by nature and living in South Gloucestershire with her four young boys, husband and two dogs. Her mission is to inspire others to connect with nature and live more sustainably for a healthier, happier world for people and planet. She works with businesses and families and celebrates all things natural, capturing beautiful, organic moments on camera.

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