Re-wild your child: 5 reasons to embrace an outdoor nature photo session

I am passionate about getting families outside and enjoying being at one with nature. I know the benefits it has for us all and I know how much the children and adults all love it. If you would like authentic natural and beautiful photos of your family then join me for a nature photography walk with your family and lets have some fun and let me capture those gorgeous memories for you to display in your home.

Here’s 5 reasons why your family will love it.

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1: The kids can run free and wild.

Your children are able to relax, run free and be children. There is no stress and no restraints. I have four boys and I know how much they love to run and how much energy they have. Boys and girls see a field and its human nature just to want to run and be free. What an amazing feeling! Let’s embrace it and encourage them to enjoy the space and wildness.

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2: Children can explore and be curious.

Every child is naturally curious and being outside in nature inspires the mind and offers so many different opportunities for children to explore, learn, play and feel. Being outdoors opens the senses and creates an experience for your children to connect with and be at one with nature. As we walk and explore I may ask your child some questions and help them to engage with their surroundings. For example, can they hear the birds? Can they spot a daffodil? Can they smell the roses? How many pine cones can you see? What does that leaf feel like? I believe that by encouraging our children to connect with nature it has a positive effect on each persons health and wellbeing and also creates a relaxed atmosphere for the whole family to experience. My aim is no stress for anyone, just lots of fun and enjoyment.

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3: Dad has fun too….

It’s no secret that dads aren’t keen on photo shoots. My husband cringes when I mention having a photo shoot. It feels unnatural and the last thing they want to do is sit and smile at a camera. This is something I don’t do. I will not ask you to stop, look and smile. There is no cheese in my photography. I offer relaxed nature photos sessions where the aim is to capture you and your family having fun, engaging with nature, and connecting with each other. You can all be yourself and I will capture the magic of your family. I simply document your time together.

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4: We are making memories.

The joy of a nature photo session is that being outside inspires the mind, boosts creativity, reduces stress and creates a sensory experience for your whole family. Your family will feel at ease, happy and connected and in turn recall a really happy memory when viewing the photos in the home or on the family wall. We are not just taking part in a photo shoot, you are creating long lasting memories that when you look back at your family photos you and your children will remember the little details too. Your child will look at the photo of daddy and mummy and little brother and recall, “mum, that’s when we saw the busy bees on the lavender” or “remember when daddy couldn’t catch me” or “dad, do you remember hearing that really loud bird?” . A nature photo session is not just a photo shoot but a nature experience for your family to connect and make some new memories too.

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5: Child led play

During a nature photo session the children lead the way. They may like bug hunting, climbing trees, running, rolling on the grass, making mud pies, making daisy chains. They can explore and create as they desire. There are no rules. I love children to embrace their individuality and I love to capture the true personalities of your family. Being outdoors amongst nature allows this freedom and each child (and adult) can be themselves.


I offer nature photo sessions for families who love to be outside and embrace being at one with nature.

If you would like me to capture a collection of beautiful natural photos of your family then get in touch today. I’d love to hear from you.

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