“Look for the light in the everyday” – positive thinking for our wellbeing during lockdown


This week I have been “looking for the light” not just whilst out walking with the camera but in the everyday too.

It’s been a tough week and I know we are all experiencing these same emotions. What has hit me though is the impact on my children. We have been in lockdown for nine weeks now. They haven’t seen their friends or played football, rugby or tag with a friend for nine weeks. That is a long time especially in the world of a child. 

Do you remember how long the summers used to feel as a child and how long it felt you had to wait until Christmas when you were a child?

Summers felt like a lifetime and I loved them.


Initially the boys were happy to be at home. It was a bit odd and a bit of a novelty as we watched the coronavirus outbreak emerge and develop but we had a purpose, to stay home, keep safe and support the NHS. 

Nine weeks later, the world is beginning to re-emerge and the boys are now wondering, what next? When can they go back to school? How will they go to back school? Will they be able to play tag? 

My younger two seem to be relatively happy at home. They are content and happy to play, run and read as required and get involved with the cooking and learning as and when we decide but the impact on my older two children is beginning to take it’s toll. 


So, how can I help them? 

Their wellbeing is my priority right now along with managing my own emotions. We have been exercising, getting outdoors, crafting, cooking, connecting online with friends, but it isn’t enough and just when I think we’ve cracked it, the boundaries and needs change. 

So what do the new government guidelines mean for the children? Can my eldest play football with another friend in a field? I don’t really know. I would assume not but on the flip side, people are now able to play golf and tennis, so maybe I’m wrong. 


With this all in mind, I have been focussed on keeping positive and keeping the kids thinking positive too and so my motto this week has been “look for the light”.

I would love for you to join me and look for the light too. 

Each day we continue to share inspiring nature photos in the Connect and Create photography group. 

And next week we will be revisiting our rainbow colours once again. I would love for you to join and share your daily photos from your walks and downtime.


Nature is beneficial to us all in so many different ways.

When we take time to slow down and focus on capturing an image, we are resting our mind, taking time to be still, switch off and boost our wellbeing through the creative process.

This can be a fantastic process for our children too. Why not try it and see the effects on your children’s mood and please share their photos in the Connect and Create group or tag me on facebook or on Instagram .

I would love to see your photos.


Thank you for your continuous support for my business. 

I hope in the not so distant future to be capturing beautiful photos of your families reunited and back together again.

I also can’t wait to be working with the wonderful brands and businesses making a positive difference to the world that we live in. 

For now, your continued support is appreciated. Please continue to share love with others and lift each other up by posting one of these gorgeous nature photo cards to a friend, neighbour or loved one.

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Stay safe and take care.

Lots of love

C x x 

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