Let’s lift each other up through nature and photography for health and wellbeing


Hello everyone, I hope you are all safe and well at this time. 

I wanted to share and celebrate with you the wonderful photos that have been captured in the online Connect and Create photography group. This is a space where we have been sharing our nature photos from our daily walks or garden and I have been setting a theme to help guide the photography each day. It’s a bit of fun and it’s a lovely way to connect with one another and share the different colours out there that nature offers.

I have noticed that where I live we have a lot of greenery and I have really enjoyed seeing the bright colours of wisteria, rhododendrons and other flowers that others have been sharing.

Over the past week, we have been creating a natures rainbow through our photography. You can see a selection of the images below.

If you’d like to join in and share your nature photos, you can join the group here – Connect and Create


Changing times…

Things seem to be adapting and evolving at the moment at a relatively fast pace which I think it is a really positive thing. People are shopping local, supporting small businesses and coming together to source local food and other produce.

Today, one of my favourite mugs has developed a crack and instantly I thought to myself, where can I source a locally made set of mugs? I want to support a small business right now. I love a great mug and I quickly set about looking for a unique and locally made product. 

I am yet to find one so if you know of any good local Bristol or south west pottery maker, then let me know. If it is nature inspired then that’s even better.

Tag me on Instagram with your suggestions.


New products…

I have launched the new A6 photo cards this week too. These are designed for you to share with loved ones near and far or to post through the letter box to a neighbour to brighten their day. 

Building a community and supporting each other emotionally right now is so important and these cards have been designed to lift one another up and to share positive thoughts, joy and happiness at this time and in the future.

A pack of ten photo cards, made from recycled paper is £12.50 and all proceeds are going towards the Connect and Create project bringing nature photo walks and creative activities to you and others.

You can order your pack here.


What do you miss? 

I was asked this week by a very special friend, what do I miss from this lockdown period and it caught me a little off guard. To be honest, I am a home bird and I feel very fortunate to be able to walk, write and capture my photos during this time. I have my boys at home, my husband near by and I am able to keep in touch with my family and friends and I am very fortunate to be able to work from home too.

All of the essentials like food and necessities I feel we are able to adapt and source and I do not miss driving the car.

Do I miss school? Hmmm.. I do not miss the school run but I do miss talking to others, I miss the teachers and community and I do miss watching my boys enjoyment and fun with their friends.

One thing I know that I definitely miss though is hugs. I miss hugging others and I think when we do have the ability to hug once more it will be quite overwhelming for many of us. I am looking forward to it though.


I am also missing working with others and capturing beautiful natural photos of others families and businesses. It brings me so much joy when I work with a family and capture their family fun, love and connection. I heard our neighbours little girl chuckle yesterday and it reminded me of just this – how a simple child’s laugh can lift you up and bring you happiness.

I miss the connection you can build with a person and the boost of delivering natural authentic photos to a business or family and knowing that you captured their true essence of their life and personality.

These are just a few of the things I miss about working with others.

I know we all have to patient and supportive of one another and stay home at the moment. I think it is only natural to reminimse and remind ourselves of the things that bring us joy and what we are looking forward to one day. The time will come again. 

For now, I am sharing with you last year’s blog with five simple ways to connect you and your family to nature. Please share your photos with me on facebook or instagram.

Stay home, stay safe and stay healthy and as the queen said “we will meet again”. 

Lots of love

C x x 

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