How can a seasonal approach to brand imagery help you?

Nature is inspiring. The colours, the seasons, the ever changing environment.

We can learn a lot from nature – resilience, courage, acceptance, ease. I believe that nature is key to our health and wellbeing and when we live and work in alignment with nature we benefit and our planet benefits too. Embracing nature for your business can help you connect naturally with your customers. This is where the seasonal approach to branding can help you.


I work with nature loving, eco conscious individuals who are looking to make a positive difference to our world. I help people share the full story behind the business and the full personality behind the brand. We share the big picture and create a photography journey for your clients to engage with and connect naturally to. Your clients want to see the real person behind the business, someone they can relate to and aspire to be. This involves sharing your true self and there is no better way to do this than being at one amongst nature. When you embrace the seasonal approach to brand photography, you are making a commitment to your clients, to keep them feeling inspired and naturally connected to you and your business throughout the year.

Why tell your story with photos?
We are all storytellers, full of ideas and inspiration of how we can live consciously making a positive impact for our planet. These stories need to be told. These stories deserve more than just a head shot. These stories inspire action and generate a movement of positive change. Your story should be showcased and shared. Creative imagery capturing your story is just one way to share and it is an extremely powerful form of communication.

More than just a head shot. We capture the growth, change, your ever-evolving business. We work with the seasons. We capture the moments of rest, the moments of clarity and the moments of inspiration. This is everything that I aspire to help you share with your clients and community. 

Its a simple process, full of ease, wonder and nature. We fully connect with your purpose and embrace your true natural being, sharing the real reflection of you and your story with the world. 

Here’s my top reasons why you should take the leap and embrace the seasons with me.


1. Share your true self and story all year long. Your clients want to know you. They want to understand your values and passions and they want to share them with you. There is no better way to build a long-lasting and sustainable relationship with your clients than to share your ever evolving story with your clients all year long. These are your loyal ambassadors and people championing your brand. If you are a personal brand, then you are your business and beautiful, inspiring imagery is a wonderful way to stay connected easily and efficiently with your clients. The seasonal approach isn’t just for social media images, your images can be used for regular newsletters, blogs, guest blogs, PR. The possibilities are endless.


2. Build a collection of fresh, beautiful and inspiring imagery. Your imagery is key to stopping the scroll, connecting and inspiring others. Nature is simply beautiful and when you embrace nature in your imagery you are offering your clients relatable, colourful imagery that instantly connects. Nature is innate within us and lifts the soul. If you run an eco conscious, purpose driven business, building a collection of nature inspired imagery can help you connect to your ideal client all year round. And remember these images can be used again and again. You will never have to worry about what you’re going to post or whether the image is good enough to share again. You will feel proud and confident to post as much or as little as you desire.


3. Never feel stuck for content. Each photo session will inspire you with new messaging, new perspectives and new imagery to share with your clients. We spend time together not just capturing your imagery for your business but we reflect on your brand values and ethos too. Throughout the year, every business evolves and develops, just like people. The seasonal approach offers you an opportunity to capture all of this and share the process with your clients. Show the human side to your business and connect as people.


4. Go with the ebb and flow of nature. As I’ve already mentioned, nature is inspiring and the seasons are something we can all relate too. Going with the ebb and flow of nature allows you to connect naturally with your clients. We connect and inspire with relatable imagery from the cold, restful and comforting months of winter to new awakenings in spring, the long summer days and the beautiful changing colours in autumn. You are embracing the simplicity and everyday beauty of our environment and your clients will love it.

Your brand image is important to ensure you are connecting with your ideal customers and building an online consistent business that blossoms and flourishes. I am here to help you with this process. I am here to share your true purpose, your natural beautiful self, your passion and your sustainable business with the world through beautiful, inspiring imagery.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you, send me a message and let’s connect.


The seasonal brand photography approach is now booking for 2021. I work with a select few clients each year ensuring that I create beautiful brand imagery for each client. Customer satisfaction is high on my agenda and I want to ensure that you are over the moon with your imagery. Therefore if you are not happy, I will re-shoot. I am committed to building strong, long lasting relationships with my clients and I am committed to championing your brand. Want to work me? Get in touch.


Making a positive difference for people and planet is important to me. Claire Victoria Photography is partnering with Tree Sisters and embedding restoration into our business.

For every nature photography session booked, we will donate 5% of sales to TreeSisters. We have a goal of planting 5,000 trees this year! Help restore our planet with TreeSisters.

As a small business owner I am always thankful and extremely grateful for the recommendations and referrals that come my way. Please feel free to share this blog, website and imagery with others that you feel would benefit and feel inspired by a natural approach to brand photography. You can sign up to hear more from me below.

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