Four simple ways to embrace connecting with your grandparents and loved ones through natural play


As we begin to meet up and see our loved ones again we are all thinking of how we can connect and show our love with our friends and family without touch and hugs.

I know that the health and safety of everyone will be a priority for you and when children are involved and naturally want to hug their grandparents, perhaps having some ideas of ways the grandparents can connect with your children without touch is a good idea.


Here’s four interactive ways to connect with your loved ones through natural outdoor play.

  1. Bubbles. Ask Nanny and Grandad to blow some bubbles for the kids. All children love bubbles, even the big ones. I still love bubbles. This is guaranteed to bring laughter to all. 

  2. Ask the children to put on a show. Children of all ages will enjoy presenting an act or show to their grandparents and you. From a magic trick to juggling to singing to dance. There are plenty of ways to make someone smile.

  3. Nature Portraits. Head out for a walk and collect sticks, stones, fallen leaves, feathers and other natural objects. Ask the children to create a smiley face or for older children and grandparents, why not create a portrait of each other. 

  4. Create a nature rainbow. This can be done in the garden or on a walk. Look for natural colours all around you as you walk and make a rainbow. The Rainbow has become an iconic symbol of this time spreading love and hope to many. Create your rainbow and share love and smiles together. 

All of these ideas can be shared together in the garden or out and about amongst nature. The key is to have fun and embrace this time together. We may not be able to hug but we can still make memories.


If you would like me to join you and capture your family on camera re-connecting in the garden or out and about on a walk get in touch.

Socially distanced natural photography family sessions are now available to book. I have an awesome long range lens to capture your family moments unobtrusively and a new nature inspired face mask too to ensure we are all kept safe throughout the session.

Let’s capture your memories creatively on camera.


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