Five simple tips to create inspiring brand photos for the entrepreneur or small business owner


Whilst recently browsing LinkedIn, Facebook and instagram it dawned on me that right now there are a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs creating their own imagery for their brand and product photography due to the current COVID-19 situation.

We are all in a situation where we are having to adapt and evolve and change the way we work and what works for ourselves in this situation on a personal level and on a business level.

Photography should still be a priority for you. It is the key to connecting with others and it is vital in keeping in touch with your clients, friends and colleagues. You can continue to build your brand, connect with others, share your everyday and share what you are passionate about.

Here I am sharing with you five simple tips to bring your photography up to the next level and to make your photos inspire your clients and followers.


1 – Think about your angles.

Do you want the image from above, below or straight on?

Which angle will showcase the product best?

Can you get all the detail in? 

Depending on whether you are taking a photo of a book, flowers or a set of objects will depend on which angle you want to take the photo from, but just think about it and play around with it. From above gives the bird eye view or “flat lay” as it’s more popularly know. From the side gives the feel of a more lifestyle approach. 

2 – Lighting

So I am a natural light photographer and for me personally there is no better light. 

You want to take your photos either by a window or outside and ideally not on a bright sunny day. An overcast grey day is perfect for product photography. If you are looking for more atmospheric you could get more creative with afternoon / sunset pictures but that’s another topic completely. 

Get your products lined up and in position and then think about where your light is coming from. You want the light to hit the product at the front and illuminate the main product / focal point. Look at which way the sunlight is coming and then move your body and camera around to the opposite side so you are not blocking the light from getting to your product. 



3 – Focal point 

Now this is really important. I see a lot of photos taken by small business owners and entrepreneurs highlighting their lovely work or sharing an image from their everyday and they simply haven’t planned where the focal point is. 

It’s really simple and it can take your images from just ok to wow!!!

On most phones, you can simply frame the image with your phone camera and tap the screen to focus on the area that you want to be the main focal point of your image. 

Give it a try. Honestly it is that easy. And if you have a camera, get your instructions out and learn how to select your focal point. It really is worth it. 

4 – What’s in the frame and background?

This came up recently during a nature photo walk. One of the attendees commented; “this walk has really helped me to think about what is actually in the image and what is in the background”.

Why is this important you may ask?

It’s important because if you don’t look at what is in the background or the frame and sides of the image then you may not be aware of any distracting objects.

When you are creating your image, look at the edges of the frame and make sure that there are no random objects leading the eye away from the focus of your product or object. A random person, shelf or part of a radiator distracts the eye. Make sure that everything within the frame is intentionally there and you are happy with how your product or object is the main focus on the image. Good photography tells a prospective client a lot about a business. 


5 – Make your images colourful, fun and inviting. 

You want your photos to connect with people, inspire others and catch the eye, so dress it up!

Think about your brand and how you can add some colour to your images. It could be simply adding a vase of beautiful and on brand flowers or adding a little detail with some colourful ribbons, books or other on brand goodies.

Think about who your ideal client is, what they like, where they shop and what are their hobbies? Then perhaps tailor your image to appeal to that client and to include a little bit of something that will appeal to them. For example an luxury bar of organic chocolate and a selection of British wildflowers alongside your product may appeal to a specific target group and increase the brand appeal. 

If you have any questions or would like to talk over the ideas for your brand imagery please book in for a free 15 minute consultation here .

Alternatively I am currently offering product photography packages starting from £250.00 and full branding photography packages starting from £750.00 . (Payment plans are available).

Please message me or book a consultation to talk over the options. 

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