Favourite eco friendly swaps of 2020

For over a year now I have been on a personal journey exploring and discovering sustainable products and eco-friendly products for the home, family and my own personal use. During lockdown I found more time to consider my every purchase and to discover and connect with local sellers making and selling ethical and eco conscious products. Here are a few of my favourite swaps of 2020 so far.


  1. Handmade soap and shampoo bars from Olive and Rosie

This is an easy switch and one that I loved. I chose three of Olive and Rosie’s soaps to trial and I initially planned to replace shower gels and hand soaps with them. I trialled the Lavender and Patchouli, Lavender and Honey and the Mediterranean Rose Clay and charcoal soap. I loved them all. I think my favourite is the lavender and patchouli. They all feel so indulgent and soft to use and bring me joy every time. Definitely purchase a couple and give them a go. 

I also trialled the Orange and Rosemary shampoo bar. This was a brand new concept to me and i really enjoyed the indulgent aspect of massaging the shampoo into my hair and seeing the lather develop. This is definitely staying in my life as a great eco shop. The bar just keeps going as well and the kids love it. 


2. Bamboo Toothbrush from J L Honest Products

We needed new toothbrushes and this was the obvious eco swap. My boys and I all had one as a pack of five and they arrived all together in one box and each had a different coloured head which made my boys smile. I instantly gave mine a try as I was intrigued and despite the brush head being soft, I was really impressed with the depth of cleaning. My teeth felt squeaky clean. I love my bamboo toothbrush. 

wild-flowers-photography .jpg

3. Face moisturiser and Face serum from Cornish Skin Food

I was looking for a new eco, ethical face moisturiser and cleanser and came across the Cornish Skin food company on Etsy. The Calendula and rose hip face cream smells lovely and leaves my face super soft and feeling refreshed and nourished. Mrs Lynchs serum is perfect for cleansing the skin morning and night and it smells amazing and is very soothing and calming. A very luxurious eco swap. 

4. Davines Conditioner

Originally recommended to me by my hairdresser, I have been pleasantly surprised over the past six months how this conditioner had really nourished my hair. You only need a little bit and my hair feels super smooth and soft. My hair has never felt so strong and is in brilliant condition and I’m sure it’s down to this conditioner.


5. Nature inspired organic clothing from Claire Victoria

I couldn’t help but mention the latest addition to my own business. This range has been developed as I couldn’t find an organic range of T-shirt’s or everyday organic clothing that I really loved. So, I thought I’d design one. Here you have a range of nature inspired T-shirt’s designed to inspire you to connect with nature everyday and look after our planet too. Feel inspired and inspire others. These T-shirt’s and hoodies are so comfortable you won’t want to wear anything else. Give one a go and let me know what you think. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little round up of the latest eco products I have been enjoying using. It is really important to me that I consciously choose products that are making a positive difference to the world that we live in. Just one small change at a time can make a difference. And if we can share these changes with our children too and inspire and educate them about the reasons behind our choices then the planet will benefit in the future. It all starts with you.

I specialise in natural photography and work with brands, businesses and families to capture unique, creative and fun photography. I love to inspire you to share your true self, your individuality and celebrate your unique style. Get in touch if you’d like to work with me.

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