Family Photos in the Countryside: Let’s Explore


I love to be outside and so do my children. As a family we experience so much joy from walking in the fields, spotting the birds, watching the forever changing trees, berries and nature developing over the seasons. We’re very lucky to have this on our doorstep. There is a lot of information in the news currently about the positive effect nature can have on our wellbeing and I for one can feel the effect of a lovely walk in the fields on my personal emotional state. I love the freedom of being at ease and absorbing the beauty of the nature around me.

When we walk as a family I love to watch my boys run free and be wild. They may be pretending to be riding a motorbike or they may be pretending to be a deer galloping over the field, it doesn’t matter but they are loving the feeling of just running, carefree and their imagination and creativity is enjoying every minute. This is all part of their development and a good indicator of how being outside can be extremely beneficial for their individual development, learning, health and wellbeing.

Our family photos are full of moments like these. Moments of freedom, moments of joy, moments of laughter and moments of wildness. I’d love to create this for you too. If you’d like to experience the freedom of the countryside and update your family photos at the same time please get in touch. Lets explore, create and capture those memories for you.

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