Exploring the Somerset “giants” with Jannine Barron.

Jannine Barron is a Regenerative Business Mentor, specialising in marketing and business strategy for changemakers, brand activists, business leaders and healers.


Jannine is on a mission to help you thrive in business with a regenerative mindset. Jannine helps people achieve their wild and beautiful ideas for humanity through inspiring group and personal business mentoring.

“Once people understand regeneration as a process, they begin to find their internal compass. This unleashes a deep connection with nature and themselves. The transformation I see is their total alignment for the good of people and planet as their business grows” 

Jannine Barron

Jannine originally booked the “Rewild and Refresh” experience.

A group photo experience designed to bring likeminded individuals together and capture a select few images for each business leader.

However, rain stalled play on that day and instead I approached Jannine with the offer to rebook for the next group event or work one to one on location at one of her favourite natural settings. Jannine chose the latter.


Off to Somerset I go…

So, the date was booked and we planned to explore one of  Jannine’s special spaces where she regularly walks and connects with the great Oaks – her “giants”.

It was a beautiful sunny day with a blue sky and not a cloud in the sky. We met in Horningsham and began our walk towards the giants. Through wild meadow fields we talked and caught up on each of our latest adventures and digested our thoughts from Jannines recent “natures board room” which I had attended with fellow regenerative business leaders in Matlock, Derbyshire the week before.


Embracing the simplicity of nature for the photo session.

It wasn’t long before we came to beautiful stream with a single file bridge and swallows swooping and dipping to replenish themselves from the refreshing water. Think “Billy goat’s gruff” minus the troll – it was a gorgeous setting.

Here, we began to talk about the photos that Jannine was looking for from the experience. The focus was primarily on capturing Jannine’s interconnected relationship with the great Oaks, (Jannine’s giants) and Jannine’s fun and joyful personality. And so, the magic began. As Jannine walked and reconnected with her special place, I followed her lead, gently nudged and guided, whilst capturing the natural beauty of her true self.

A reminder that there are lessons to learn everyday from nature – we must always be open to receive.

As we came to the end of the session, we walked back to the stream where we were met with a friendly neighbour from the village and a moment of awe with a swallow who took the time to reset, realign and indulge themselves on a branch of a tree overlooking the water.

After a brief pause and moment of appreciation with one of my favourite birds, Jannine and I finished off with some fun imagery on the bridge.

The sun was shining bright, the reflection of the water was sparkling, the dragonflies were in abundance and the swallows danced above our heads.

It really was a joyful space to work and Jannine was radiant in her natural space.

The importance of working with nature is personal to each of my clients.

However each of them understands the interconnected relationship we have with the natural world and are working to create a positive impact and empower others in their own unique way.

It is my role to help showcase this relationship, passion and dedication to their purpose throughout their personal connection to nature and the stories within their lives and business.


Why embrace nature for your business photography?

I can help you to connect with ease with yourself in your photography and help you connect with elegance, emotion and ease with your community.

Empowering others to engage and follow your lead through stories that matter and inspire and educate a healthier and happier way of being and living aligned with nature.

We are all in this together and I believe that beautiful, natural photography has a key part of play in co-creating a wonderful, nature rich new world abundant with life, balance and natural beauty.

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Nature inspired photography that is good for you, good for the people and good for the planet.

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