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Empowering successful business professionals to create a life by their own design – Sam Wright from Natural Edge Coaching Ltd embraces the natural brand photography approach

Working with Sam Wright, founder of Natural Edge Coaching Ltd, was an absolute dream. Sam is an ICF accredited coach (ACC), a certified forest therapy guide and a mum to two gorgeous boys. With a strong sense of purpose to help others create a life of their design, a love and devotion to nature and as a mum of boys, I knew we’d work well together.

Sam has a passion for helping others. She looks to partner her clients, awakening and nurturing a greater sense of self-awareness, unlocking new perspectives and possibilities that ultimately lead to greater choice, more purposeful alignment and fulfilment, both in and out of work. Sam works with business leaders, high flyers and business professionals to help them calm their inner storm and restore balance to their everyday lives – and she does all this with ease, kindness and where available inviting her clients to embrace a little bit of nature – she helps them work on the inside, outside.

Sam and I met in King’s Cross, London with the aim to capture some beautiful, inspiring photography to help share the story behind Natural Edge Coaching Ltd and emphasise the key brand values of the business – openness, authenticity, curiosity and connection. As Sam primarily works with her clients outdoors amongst nature it was important to embrace the natural spaces throughout London and to showcase the everyday nature that is proven to be beneficial to our health and wellbeing within the urban environment.

Helping others create a life aligned with their true self that supports their whole self and their health and wellbeing is the priority. 

This links to the sustainable development goals – SDG 3 – promoting good health and wellbeing for all. Learn more here.

London is a key hub of business within the UK. Full of busy professionals scurrying to work in offices each and every day, meeting the targets set by the big boss of the corporation and striving to over achieve to take home the monthly bonus. It is easy to lose oneself in the trap of the hamster wheel – continuously striving for the next month and forgetting to rest, slow down and reconnect with your truth. Sam Wright helps professionals readjust their inner compass, restore their sense of purpose and flourish with more ease, to experience more fulfilment both in and out of work. Sam makes this process easy for business executives, meeting each individual where they are, readjusting their comfort zone and inviting new curiosity and awareness around their own possibilities enabling them to consider a new way of thinking – a way that nurtures their growth and supports their wellbeing.

Sam has a particular interest working with women in leadership roles – women who are ready for the next step in their careers, who are challenging the norm in business and creating positive change for themselves, business cultures and others following. As a mum of two boys and a business owner, Sam understands the juggle of life and wants to help more women step up to feel confident, own their talent with grace and use their voice effectively to create lasting positive impact.

This links directly to the sustainability development goals, SDG 5 – gender equality.

The importance of lifting women voices higher within business for a fairer, equal society and planet are vital to help create a more sustainable world.

Sam is currently updating the Natural Edge Coaching Ltd website with the new imagery from the brand photography session to showcase the business brand story, the brand values and the connection and devotion to our planet and creating positive change. Sam also plans to use the photography for social media purposes, live events, online workshops and to inspire others to create a positive impact.

To learn more and keep up to date with Natural Edge Coaching Ltd visit here.

If you are looking to lead the way in your sector, empower your audience to create positive impact and inspire change for people and planet – get in touch.

Photography is a powerful tool to showcase the change your business is seeking to inspire. Embracing the natural approach makes your business marketing easy and helps build trust with your audience, employees and community.

Be the change and inspire your audience to create a healthier, happier world for us all to flourish.


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