Embracing outdoor play…


Embracing outdoor play during lockdown.

The weeks seem to whizz on by and the kids have been enjoying playing in the garden, collecting snails and making Harry Potter wands from sticks. 

We have been getting outside as much as possible and the benefits to our health and wellbeing is amazingly positive.

Here’s a little round up of news for you and a few of my favourite nature photos from the past week.


Sharing Kindness for mental health awareness week

It is mental health awareness week this week and in Connect and Create we have been sharing nature photos each day to inspire one another to connect with nature, get creative and lift each other up.

This years theme is kindness and I asked the Connect and Create group members to consider taking a photo for a friend and loved one each day and sharing it with them via message or on social media. Tell them you love them and miss them and make them feel special. It’s a lovely feeling to share an image with someone you love and they will absolutely appreciate it. 

Why not, give it a go and take a photo of something inspiring today and send it to a special person in your life. 

I would love to see your photos too, so please tag me on instagram or facebook or send me your photos. I love to see them. They lift me up too.


Spreading joy through nature photography

Interestingly, letter writing has increased since lockdown began. People are choosing to write letters to friends and loved ones throughout lockdown. Is it a way of preserving a bit of history during this time? Is it a way to connect on a deeper level with people? I think it’s probably the latter but I know that so many people have been enjoying the simple process of writing a letter. 

My boys have written letters to their friends, grandparents and teachers. They have loved the idea of sending a letter to someone. It’s been a bit of a novelty as they aren’t used to this process but it’s definitely something that they want to keep in their lives. The excitement levels when they receive a letter through the post has been immense and we now have a lovely selection of cards on our mantel piece which continue to give us joy each day.

Have you been writing to connect with friends and loved ones? It is also a very therapeutic process and can help each of us process feelings and connect with ourselves fully.

I’m planning on spending some time writing to those I love this weekend. If you want to give it a go, the new A6 nature photo cards are available to purchase and I’ve detailed a link to some lovely writing sets for children too below. 

A6 Nature photo cards.

Children’s writing sets 

You can also read more about the increase of letter writing during lockdown here.


In other news, I have begun planning for a return to work process with dates being released for nature family sessions throughout the summer.

Lockdown restrictions have begun to be lifted, however I am tentatively watching how things progress over the next few weeks. Plans for health and safety for us all will be in place and I have ordered a couple of nature inspired face masks too which I know your children will love.

The benefits of being able to work outdoors are vast and I know that lots of you are going to love connecting outdoors once again and embracing nature play. 

Remember, family photography sessions are not just a photo shoot. This is a nature photography experience where we walk, talk, connect, play and learn from the nature around us. 

I am not only here to capture your memories but I love to inspire your family to engage with nature through a truly immersive experience. 

I won’t give you all my tips here, but if you want to find out more about how I can capture your true personalities and family moments then send me a message and let’s talk. 

Or read the latest blog here.


Natural personal branding sessions are also available from August and I am launching a new seasonal approach to support your business throughout the year.

I love to work with businesses that are making a positive difference to the world and are looking to build a long lasting sustainable relationship. Connection is key to my business and I believe this is powerful and beneficial way for us all to work.

If you are a purpose driven women looking to connect with your clients through unique, creative and authentic photography, get in touch. 

You can also find out more about the seasonal package here.


Finally, it’s May bank holiday weekend. Yay! 

I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend and enjoy some downtime for yourself and with your family. 

And remember, embracing outdoor play is for everyone, not just the kids. 

Stay safe and stay healthy and if you want to keep in touch, subscribe to the newsletter below.

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