Connect and Create – for your own health and wellbeing

I believe that being outside and being amongst nature is good for the soul.

The research continues to build and the evidence is clear. However for me, this all came about through my own personal experience.

As a mum of four, a housewife and a photographer, life is busy. I look around and see so many mums dashing here and there, balancing plates, juggling balls and holding it all together. I see fellow business owners working all hours to build their business up, grow their business and trying to fit everything in alongside running a family home and managing their children’s needs and extra curricular activities.

When do you make time to stop? When do you make time to slow down? When do you take time to rest?

Burnout and overwhelm can happen to us all. It sneakily creeps upon you and that is why I believe it is so important for your health and wellbeing that you learn to take time out for your mind, body, heart and soul.

Icy mornings create the perfect opportunity to capture such beautiful details of the nature around us.

Icy mornings create the perfect opportunity to capture such beautiful details of the nature around us.

So Where did it all start?

Two years ago, our family made the move to the countryside. One of the best decisions to date for our family. We have four boys and the space of the country is what we needed. However I didn’t anticipate the move being as stressful as it turned out to be. I orchestrated four children moving school, I had just started my own business and I was working part time. Mum guilt, overwhelm and a loss of self overcame me and it was hard. When you attempt to keep everything normal for everyone else you put your own needs down the pile and find yourself feeling very alone. This is when I discovered mindful photography.


Walking each day in nature

I began to walk each day with my camera and I witnessed the boost to my mind and the boost of happy hormones I felt from creating and from being at one with nature. The peace, the space and the acceptance of allowing myself to stop, slow down and take notice of the nature around me, brought myself back to a place of balance. It wasn’t a quick fix and it took time but finding this creative release inspired me to follow my dreams, find my purpose and believe in myself once again.

Nature has always been a part of me and I feel blessed that I can share my love of nature and my love of photography with others. I believe that being at one with nature and expressing ourselves creatively can help you to take time out and boost your health and wellbeing.


It’s all about nature connection

Nature offers a place of refuge for you to slow down, disconnect from your worries and re-set your monkey mind. I have experienced the benefits and I know it works but this is an ongoing process for me. I now choose to live my life in alignment with nature. Each day I choose to spend time in nature switching off, reconnecting with myself and finding balance. I am a better mum for it, a better wife and a more effective worker and business owner. This time in nature is precious and each day I feel inspired and grounded by the experience.


Come and join me on a nature photography walk

I want to share this with you. I want to share my love of nature and my love of photography with you so you can feel the health benefits yourself of how nature and photography can positively affect your mood and wellbeing.

Each month I host a nature photo walk at Kingsweston estate bringing people together to connect with nature, connect with themselves and connect with each other whilst we walk the gardens of Kingsweston estate and get creative with our cameras and slow down. Photography allows you to zone out, disconnect and get in flow. You will feel completely immersed in the experience whilst you wander and find your own unique photography style. It’s a wonderful experience and participants always finish the photo walk feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.


Throughout the year I also collaborate with other nature based, sustainable businesses to inspire you to learn new creative skills and host nature events alongside a nature photo walk.

All dates of nature photo walks and nature events are online here

If you’d like to slow down, find balance and feel inspired to take on the challenges of your everyday life, come along and learn to use your camera or phone camera to take time out amongst nature for your personal wellbeing.

To find out more information about how to work with me for family photography or sustainable business photography get in touch.


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