Telling stories through the seasons – natural brand photography for sustainable business growth

There has been a 71% rise in popularity of searches for sustainable goods over the past five years, with continuing growth, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has been referred to as the “eco-awakening” – consumers are changing their behaviour and seeking out services and products that are supporting or creating a positive impact for our planet.

Sharing the stories within your business has never been so important.

Consumers are demanding transparency and honesty.

Consumers are looking to invest in businesses that are doing good for people and planet.

So, Where do you stand? What stories within your business need sharing?

Here we examine how investing in your brand photography throughout the year can increase trust within your community, empower positive change and create sustainable growth for your business.

We are built to connect, much like nature. Ramblings from a mum of four – Feb 2021

I sit and gaze longingly out of the window. It is February. Birds continue to flutter to our bird feeder. Robins, goldfinches, blue tits, great tits. Last year we had the pleasure of two turtle doves and a family of woodpeckers. I wonder if they will return once more this year. I hope so.

We are approaching a full year of a pandemic. A pandemic that none of us (or very few of us) could have ever imagined the full impact of. My children have spent almost eight months of the past year at home. Who would have known the impact of being at home could have had such a detrimental effect on their health and wellbeing (and mine).

Connect and Create – for your own health and wellbeing

I believe that being outside and being amongst nature is good for the soul.

The research continues to build and the evidence is clear. However for me, this all came about through my own personal experience.

Two years ago, our family made the move to the countryside. One of the best decisions to date for our family. We have four boys and the space of the country is what we needed. However I didn’t anticipate the move being as stressful as it turned out to be.

Embracing the beauty of January, slow days and country walks

January is a month that many do not look forward to. So far, January has been a bit of a mixed bag. We have been blessed with bright days, dull days and rainy days. This year I am embracing each day as it comes, sitting back, observing and appreciating the day for what it is. Some days I know I need to take it easy whilst others I am ready to fully embrace.

Connect and Create with Claire Victoria and Clementine Moon

Connect and Create is designed to be a safe and welcoming community for women to come together to take time out, slow down and re-connect with themselves, nature and others amongst nature.

Each month we come together at Kingsweston House in Bristol to walk amongst nature, learn how to use photography as a tool to calm the mind, get creative and connect with others whilst we walk and explore.

Throughout the year I collaborate with nature based businesses to bring to you new creative skills and activities to express our individuality and learn how you can live more sustainably in every day life.

Connect and Create sessions are designed to be relaxing, calm and fun. You can read more about the upcoming collaboration with Clementine Moon here.

Re-think the family portrait. 5 reasons you should capture photos of your new baby at home

Why I love capturing family photos in the home.

I love family photos. I love the real life moments that can be captured within the home. For young families it is the perfect way to capture simple honest moments of your family life that your children can recognise and relate to. When you and your children look back at these moments, they not only recognise the moment in time but the feeling and familiarity of being at home. This is your safe space. This is your fun place. This is where you are all uniquely you and this should be celebrated and documented to look back on over time.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should capture your new baby at home……………

Re-think the family portrait. 5 facts about documentary photography

Documentary photography captures the whole story. Family life encompasses happy moments and not so happy moments. I am here to capture it all. Smiley, happy, joyful faces and frustrated, sad and moody faces. Children fall down, parent’s get frustrated, children have tantrums and parents get tired. These moments are real and honest. These moments tell our true imperfect family story. This is real life. We live it everyday. Let’s accept our normal everyday life and honour it. Re-think the family portrait and treasure and cherish our everyday moments. You will want this for your family. Trust me.

Re-wild your child: 5 reasons to embrace an outdoor nature photo session

I am passionate about getting families outside and enjoying being at one with nature. I know the benefits it has for us all and I know how much the children and adults all love it. If you would like authentic natural and beautiful photos of your family then join me for a nature photography walk with your family and lets have some fun and let me capture those gorgeous memories for you to display in your home.

Here’s 5 reasons why your family will love it.

Re-wild your child. 5 simple ways to connect with nature

We’re just back from camping in Cornwall and our 5 days of family time amongst nature has just reinforced my belief that a wild childhood is simply the best for children. To have the opportunity to play spontaneously, to discover new things and to enjoy the peace amongst nature I believe helps develop a strong connection and appreciation to oneself and the world that we live in.

Here’s 5 simple ways that you can get outdoors, connect with nature and re-wild your child.

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