Building a community and giving back…


My business is built around a community.

A community of kindness, love, authenticity, friendship, creativity, connection and nature.

  • I give back through the online community facebook group, Connect and Create where we continue to inspire each other through our nature photography.

  • I run monthly nature photography walks for the community at Kingsweston estate to bring people together to connect and get creative amongst nature to boost wellbeing.

  • I volunteer at a local school to inspire the next generation to connect with nature through their photography.

  • All the proceeds from the sales of my nature cards and nature prints go towards resources for these groups and 10% from sales of family nature sessions and natural brand sessions goes towards the Connect and Create walks and events too.

I love to connect with others and to inspire others and I believe nature is key to our wellbeing. This is why, I run these sessions and this is why I give back to the community in this way.






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