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Introducing “Rewild Olveston” a local community project to boost biodiversity, nature connection and health and wellbeing.

The importance of connecting with nature is currently undervalued in our current society.

Taking a moment each and every day to stop, listen, look and take notice of the every day nature around you can have a significant positive effect on your health and wellbeing. It is an easy and accessible tool for all people regardless of age, where you are, where you live and how busy your lifestyle is.

Leaning into the possibility of allowing yourself to re-connect with nature is very powerful.


“Rewild Olveston” began as a weekly photography group helping primary school children to connect with nature and their creativity through the use of a camera. Being outdoors and being creative clearly enabled the children to express themselves in a new, informal and exciting way.

The children embraced being curious and observing the simple beauty of nature – from a blade of grass to the texture of the tree bark. What clearly was noticed by myself and their teachers was how beneficial the weekly session was for the children’s mental wellbeing and confidence.

From this, I wondered how else can we be creative amongst nature and engage children outdoors? I wanted to combine this with learning about sustainability, nature connection and and boost the biodiversity of the local village.

I wanted to empower the future generation to care for our world and care for themselves through nature connection activities.


“Rewild Olveston” was born. A project not only to rewild nature but to rewild the mind, body, soul and lifestyles of the local community.

Now each month, we run a creative nature based activity for a group of children to engage with, learn and connect with nature. Each month the group is tailored for a different age of children so that all children have the opportunity to get involved and embrace being creative outdoors.

From nature based Christmas wreaths to bird feeders, planting wild flowers and nature photography walks, the children are able to get involved, express their ideas and create a unique item to take home and place in their garden or home which benefits nature and brings joy to their lives and their families.

The hope is that this opens up conversations in the home about sustainability, nature and the positive benefits of spending time outdoors.


“Rewild Olveston” is a collaborative project supporting the local community and working alongside the local scouting groups and local schools in South Gloucestershire.

The ultimate aim is to inspire many people near and far to get involved and replicate the idea through collaborative partnerships and community projects.

We are working to rewild the world and reconnect to nature one small step at a time.

Let’s inspire a better, healthier and happier world for us all to live in harmony with nature.

For more information on monthly nature connection and creative activities follow “Rewild the Frame” on social media here: Instagram / Facebook / Linkedin .

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“Rewild Olveston” is a nature based project helping to reconnect people back to nature to boost the health and wellbeing of people and planet. The project supports the business purpose and looks to create a positive impact and regenerate local communities. As part of being a B Certified corporation, Rewild the Frame is committed to ensuring that all projects positive impact all stakeholders.

This project specifically looks to create a positive impact for the community and for the environment in line with the Sustainable Development Goals SDG 3 and SDG 15. For more information about the SDG’s please visit here.


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